Decorative floor in commercial building

1. Durable with an aesthetic performance appropriate for malls, offices, stores and public areas 2. Continuous and wear resistant floor covering without joints

Tegelbruket is an activity center in Örebro with a focus on youth and young adults. The activities are sports, culture and learning. The customer wanted a modern, neat floor easy to maintain. It was also important that it fitted in with the special architecture of the building. The public areas in Tegelbruket and restaurant / cafe is made with a durable Weber Design Floor in a nice warm grey color.

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The concrete substrate is first primed with weberfloor 4716 primer. Due to various height requirements different types of underlayments screeds are used such as weberfloor 4360 or weberfloor 4600 as base for the design floor. As final floor covering weberfloor 4650 is used and afterwards treated with a matt surface treatment

Type of floor:
Decorative floor Type of building:
Commercial, public building with restaurant and cafe Total size of floor area:
1 500 m² Year of construction:
2011 Architect:
SWECO Architects Contractor/Applicator:
NCC Construction Weber product used:
- weberfloor 4600 Industry Base
- weberfloor 4360 base flow rapid
- weberfloor 4716 primer
- weberfloor 4960 kantlist
- weberfloor 4650 design Colour