Decorative resin solution for a public zoo

1. Weberep epo 412 CRY for excellent concrete repair: high strength, high bonding, chemical resistance, easy to apply 2. Weberfloor epopark: Decorative leveling compound, high strength and resistance to abrasion and chemicals, high durability

The purpose of the required solution is to offer a decorative product to be resistant to abrasion since it will be used for light to medium traffic and should be resistant to different source of chemicals. The project was a Zoo where pedestrian and medium traffic in addition exposure to different source of chemicals used for cleaning of the premise for animal hygiene and food used, therefore, the challenge is to provide a colored product at a specific thickness (between 3 to 10mm) which is also resistant to abrasion and chemicals.

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Due to the bad situation of the floor, a good substrate preparation was needed before applying the epoxy floorig. As a first step, the floor cracks were repaired with weberep 412 CRY. After drying, webereposil plus, an epoxy primer was applied in order to increase the bonding between weberfloor epopark and the prepared substrate. After 24 hours, weberfloor epopark, epoxy colored flooring product, was used as a decorative and resistant flooring material

Type of floor:
Decorative Type of building:
Public (Animal park building) Total size of floor area:
2 000 m² Year of construction:
2014 Owner:
Al Ain Zoo Contractor/Applicator:
Contractor: Lucent /Reyami L.L.C Weber product used:
- weberfloor Epopark 3mm
- weberfloor Eposil Plus
- weberep 412 CRY

Al Ain Zoo