Underlayment and decorative solution in commercial building

1. Sealed CAF as decorative floor underlined the industrial characteristic of the lofts 2. Complete solution with a base of CS screed and overlayment of decorative screed with low risk for cracks and high wear resistance 3. Coast effective solution

The building is owned by a company selling parquet floor solutions. The building owner wanted a decorative and dark floor without joints as a contrast to the parquet showroom. In addition it should be easy to clean and resistant against wearing and stains. Initially they planned a sealed traditional cement screed however that would have high risk of cracks and color differences. Therefore they decided for the weber solution.

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On top of the heating (30 mm) and sound (20 mm) insulation the floor heating pipes are fixed first. Then around 60 mm of KBS Calciumsulfat-screed CAF C30-F6 is pumped on top of the insulation. As final floor covering the weberfloor 4650 is poured in a thickness of 8 mm and then afterwards polished and sealed with a surface treatment.

Type of floor:
Underlayment, decorative Type of building:
Commercial and offices Total size of floor area:
ca. 1700 m² KBS CAF C30-F6
ca. 430 m² floor 4650
Year of construction::
2015 Owner:
OLWO, Otto Lädrach AG, Bollstrasse 58, 3076 Worb Contractor/Applicator:
Weiss+Appetito AG, Böden + Beläge,Statthalterstrasse 46, 3018 Bern Weber product used:
- weberfloor 4650 Design Colour
- KBS calcium sulphate screed CAF C30-F6

OLWO office and parquet exhibition