Underlayments and decorative CS screed in appartments

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Type of floor:
Underlayment, decorative Type of building:
Residential, commercial, restaurant, education Total size of floor area:
97 000 m² (800 Appartments, 200 rooms for students) Year of construction:
2015 Owner:
Zürcher Freilager AG, Zürich Contractor/Applicator:
Amendola AG, Bahnhofstrasse 5, 8832 Wollerau Weber product used:
- KBS Calciumsulfate screed CAF C30-F6
- Colored KBS Calciumsulfate
- screed CAF C30-F6

Because of the uneven substrate different thicknesses of the EPS thermal insulation was used to compensate. As sound insulation and to fix the floor heating pipes a 30 mm Isoroll Typ 4 (glass wool) was used. On the insulation the calicumsufate screed was poured in a thickness of at least 55 mm. Part of the screed was grinded and sealed with a surface protection, part of it was covered with tiles and parquet.

1. Sealed CAF as decorative floor underlined the industrial characteristic of the lofts 2. CAF screeds applied with a mix mobile has very high application speed (up to 2000 m per day) 3. CAF screeds have no long-term shrinkage, what means no sinking of the edges

A former warehouse building was changed to multifunctional building with appartments, student rooms and commercial areas. The major part of the project was a renovation, so a key goal was to have a thin floor solution which fit also in the areas with low room height. The designer wanted to keep the original 'industrial look' and for some areas he proposed grinded and sealed screeds to be used as final floor covering.

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